Beyond Charted Stars

~001 - Entry #157 - Telos

Blood Walk With Me

Journal Track

Telos was the hand off. Ship and Custom's Agent are with the Rebs now. Made some change with the pilfered armour and guns, nothing to brag over. The real bargain was the ship trade off. Managed to convince Jarvin we'd be better off with the Corellian model. Yacht was fancy but that kind of prestige will get us rolled if we dock in the wrong system. No one gives a second glance at a run-of-the-line 1300, credit-chit-a-dozen with those. Seemed to take to it once we started making some lane jumps. Glad for it.

Stay was shot, more or less. Got directed to a Davros, Captain with local TSF outfit, by the book, by the numbers, family on a desk holo sort. Solid. Put us on the trail of a local would-be hood wanted for a shooting in the entertainment quarter. Some punk. For an extra thousand, we took it. We're not operating under anymore scholarly sanction. Six or five dead Imperials buried in our wake, can't remember. It's gonna catch up. It's gotta. I know this feeling.

The hood holed himself up behind a local crew. We opted for directness. Shot and cut our way through some sort of disused habitat. Brought down some hard cases. Took the hand off a meaty Barabel that nearly hooked my throat out, gunned more down, caught up with the Gotal. Hands were shaking bad. Nerves took me an age to tie his ass up. …For the work, don't know if 1000 was worth it. It's paying our way, suppose. Not what has me on edge.

We got a tail. Maybe. One of the students or looks close like it. Young female, human, Aya I think her name was? We sent her off with the others to get shuttled homeward. Missed her flight, evidently. Tracked with us through hood territory and managed to outwit myself, Jarvin, and Brask without difficulty. Got my hackles up. Maybe she's just a good hide-and-seek sort. Something's smelling off and it's not that garbage whiff Jarvin got all over himself in the street fighting. …We're on our way to Devaron. A Jedi temple. Stazi is ecstatic. Jarvin's curious. …Feeling apprehensive.

Here we go.



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