Beyond Charted Stars

-001 – Entry #158 – Devaron

Gregor still lives.



Gregor is gonna pay.


Thought that scaloids were incapable of reacting well to the Trial of the Waters. Either the Griffin School has mastered the alchemical process to a new degree, or Gregor is just wearing pilfered gear and pretending like he knows a thing. Troubling. I should have read him better. Got too excited. Been so long since encountering another on the Path, I let my guard down. Should have known better. Bardoq was right: I look for too much good in people.


Going back to basics. Trandoshan was tough, wrecked my leg up nicely. Got a few decoctions brewing with the last of my agents. Should help speed things along. Back to training. Won’t let him walk if next we meet. …Feeling angry. And cold. Can’t tell if it’s from the rage or that weird Force-walk vision we had. What was that Hutt? That cave? More Jedi secrets. Least I came away with the diagram. When we get to a decently populated system, will try rummaging for materials. Meteorite iron, silver, steel, good wroshyr wood. Get myself a silver sword. When I see Gregor again, I’m taking his blades. All his tools and gear. He’s forfeited all rights to the guild and the Path.


…Need to find one of the Unknown Bonfires. Spread word through the ash and silt. Trandoshan Griffin. Untrustworthy. Matter of fact, maybe give their whole School a wide berth.


Still other questions. If Gregor is no Dunaan, is he one of the others? Our guild’s done business with those dark ones time to time. Pay is exorbitant but risky. Prone to intrigue and guile. Walking down stranger roads. Wonder what Jarvin thinks. Wonder what the Professor and Brask figure. Riddles within riddles ever since we dredged up that Box. Well… Either way. Time to go to work.



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