Beyond Charted Stars

001 – Entry #159 – Auretara

Quieter days. Save for the lawman. Intrusive. Dedicated, but intrusive. Could have risked arrest for pointing armed hardware at a vetted lawman. Fortune, it seems, is still gracing us.


Gregor still lingers. Saw his phantasm. Something wrong with that… pit. Empathic or at least psionically charged. Bardoq warned about mind-tricks but never saw the effects close at hand. Unsettling. And then a local eclipse. Not an unknown. Not quite rare. But coincidental?


Nerves are recovering. Sleep is thin, but improving. Managed a sort of medicinal concoction from spare agents in the medicine cabinet. Leg is noticeably better. Another wound taken that Gregor is owed.


Now, Weik. More mysteries. The further travelled, the deeper the mystery turns, and the more questions we receive than answers. Isn’t that the Jedi way? No raw materials, unfortunately. No access to forge items, no sign of that improving either. Straight steel sword will do. Be more than enough to put paid to these shadow agents.


Speaking of. Discovered a spy bug. When it was placed, can’t say, but may know the who: the student. Or the woman posing as one. Another enigma. Weik approaches and we’ve yet to received any concrete details from this labyrinthine adventure we’ve become drawn into.


Will attempt rest in the interregnum. Pray Jarvin doesn’t gut-punch in my sleep from panic.



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