Beyond Charted Stars

Brask's Personal Log: Coming Home

Angst, Backstory

Telos was more adventurous than I'd hoped. The swap went well, but after that Jarvin and Angar were keen on going after a bounty. Contrary to lots of stereotypes I'm more excited about hunting beasts than people, but Jarvin and Angar had a good point. We need credits. Plus this was a local bounty. Some gang-banger who blasted a kid on the north side of the station. If they'd have picked some imperial target I woulda left them. Chit, we'll probably be imperial bounties in another week. Though, today makes me think us getting out of the first stormtrooper tussle wasn't a fluke. Jarvin's a pretty good shot, and Angar? I wouldn't want to be on his bad side within 50 meters or so. 

Still, there are other concerns. The woman tailing us is concerning. I can't say I've always been on edge about Aya because I'm on edge about most humans because of COMPNOR, but something doesn't sit right with me. The whole situation is odd. The way she lost us so quickly. Perhaps she just thought we made her and stopped following us, but I'm pessimistic. I feel like she'll turn up when we least need her too. Probably at Eedit. Kriff, eedit. 

I keeps hitting me. I'm going back to Devaron. I haven't been there since Montellian Serat. I should be coming to drop off hard earned credits to the family, but now I'm giving them to a memorial. To an ever growing bounty. Kriff the Empire. Kriff the rebellion. Kriff me for getting them caught up in this. Kriff the kriffing Butcher, I will end him if I so much as smell his bloodstained body. 

The sound of a ping is heard.


"We'll be dropping out of Hyperspace soon Brask. Jarvin is booking it." Stazi's voice is heard in the background. 

Alright, I'll be out soon.Time to face the music. Personal log entry four-nine-five, signing off. 



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