Beyond Charted Stars

Navigator's Personal Log #2

You would think I'd be more interested in what I learned from the little crystal box's hologram AI, but it's not the kind of thing that makes me reevaluate my identity. I mean, sure, it makes sense to me, once you kind of take the mysticality with a grain of salt. I'm from a planet of empaths and telepaths, and I guess I always thought knowing which way to go was part of that. None of this Force stuff is stunning to me, even if I'm dubious about the whole 'we are all connected' bit. No, what really sticks with me is Officer Rigor. 

There's an Imperial customs officer, quite a reasonable one, wounded and tied up in our cargo hold. 

What do I know about her so far? I tried my darndest to win her over back on the planet, and she was having none of that. All business. She's gutsy: she bolted through a gunfight to grab a bike, and that almost screwed us. We had a bit of a fight on speeders until she twitched wrong and ran into a tree; she just about killed me and I just about killed her. I never really got the feeling she was raging or terrified or full of hate, just fired up and doing her job. So when we caught her, I mean, I'm no medic, but I tried hard to make sure she didn't just bleed out.

I couldn't believe it when Angar dug his blaster muzzle into the slug wound. I don't think I'd ever seen actual torture before. I was paralyzed. Couldn't speak up, at least not right away. Well, I could have, but I just

That's going to stick with me.

Anyways, she started talking, more out of exasperation than anything. I kept screwing up bandaging her. Wound up giving her one of our only stimpacks to stabilize her. So once she got talking, she was actually really useful – told us how to use her credentials and what they'd get us; told us all about the kind of ship that chased us to hyperspace and beat the crap out of us; just all kinds of things. I chatted with her a bit more, just a little, after we jumped. Couldn't get a first name out of her.

We'll be dropping her off somewhere, Prof. Stazi says. Not sure how that's going to work. Telos might not be the safest place to release a captured Imperial officer into the wild. Oh wait, Grassk says the Rebellion will have a use for her. Not sure I like the sound of that.



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