Beyond Charted Stars

Navigator's Personal Log #3

Who's this Jarvin fether and what's he done with the Eel? I never used to be the guy with the gun. I'm a getaway driver. But here I am planning bounty hunts and taking a guns-blazing approach to a gang stronghold. Shooting gangsters – shooting first. Took me a while to switch to stun, too, and I think I only did it because I couldn't remember whether the Gotal was wanted dead or alive.

The Force saved me hours of asking around. I just plain knew which way to go. Then I used that to hunt someone with not a lot of mercy. That doesn't sit right with me.

I'm worried about the tail we picked up and lost, or rather she lost us. The Force didn't line up for me. She reminds me of when I thought someone was rummaging around in the ship, back when we first took the customs officer onboard. If that grad student was a plant, that could explain all kinds of things. Makes me extra worried about what we'll find waiting for us on Devaron, and I wonder if Brask's associates are in for a surprise or two. Might be that the customs officer gets sprung before the Rebellion can do their thing. Can't feel apprehensive about that, though I probably should.

I'm keeping busy by figuring out what makes this ship tick. Still kind of wish we'd gone with the yacht – easier to fly, more maneuverable, tougher hull – but the Centennial Hawk is growing on me. A '1300 is a nice boat with plenty of room for mods, assuming we can manage to save up without spending it all on whatever Brask wants that day. He's dang good in a fight, but he's an expensive friend to have around.



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