A young Journeyman following after an ancient bounty guild.



Species: Human

Career: Seeker

Specialization Tree: Ataru Striker

Physical Desc.

Gender: Male

Age: 22

Height: 5’11

Build: Lean/Sinewy

Hair: Black/Straight/Short

Eyes: Yellow

Notable Features: Strange ‘cat-eyes’. Albino complexion. Mottled scar tissue. False eyepatch.


Brawn: 4

Agility: 2

Intellect: 2

Cunning: 2

Willpower: 2

Presence: 2


Soak Value: 4

Wounds: Threshold: 14

Strain: Threshold: 12

Defense: Ranged: 0 / Melee: 0


General Skills

Astrogation [Int]: 2 Green / No Rank / No Career

Athletics [Br]: 4 Green / No Rank / Career

Charm [Pr]: 2 Green / No Rank / No Career

Coercion [Will]: 2 Green / No Rank / No Career

Computers [Int]: 2 Green / No Rank / No Career

Cool [Pr]: 2 Green / No Rank / No Career

Coordination [Ag]: 1 Green/1 Yellow / Rank 1 / Career

Deception [Cun]: 2 Green / No Rank / No Career

Discipline [Will]: 2 Green / No Rank / No Career

Leadership [Pr]: 2 Green / No Rank / No Career

Mechanics [Int]: 2 Green / No Rank / No Career

Medicine [Int]: 2 Green / No Rank / No Career

Negotiation [Pr]: 2 Green / No Rank / No Career

Perception [Cun]: 2 Green / No Rank / Career

Piloting – Planetary [Ag]: 2 Green / No Rank / Career

Piloting – Space [Ag]: 2 Green / No Rank / Career

Resilience [Br]: 4 Green / No Rank / No Career

Skullduggery [Cun]: 2 Green / No Rank / No Career

Stealth [Ag]: 2 Green / No Rank / No Career

Streetwise [Cun]: 2 Green / No Rank / No Career

Survival [Cun]: 1 Yellow/1 Green / Rank 1 / Career

Vigilance [Will]: 2 Yellow / Rank 2 / Career

Combat Skills

Brawl [Br]: 4 Green / No Rank / No Career

Gunnery [Ag]: 2 Green / No Rank / No Career

Lightsaber/Longsword [Br]: / 1 Yellow/Three Green / Rank 1 / Career

Melee [Br]: 2 Yellow/2 Green / Rank 2 / No Career

Ranged – Light[Ag]: 2 Green / No Rank / No Career

Ranged – Heavy[Ag]: 2 Green / No Rank / Career

Knowledge Skills

Core Worlds [Int]: 2 Green / No Rank / No Career

Education [Int]: 2 Green / No Rank / No Career

Lore [Int]: 2 Green / No Rank / No Career

Outer Rim [Int]: 2 Green / No Rank / No Career

Underworld [Int]: 2 Green / No Rank / No Career

Xenology [Int]: 1 Yellow/1 Green / Rank 1 / Career

Other: N/A


[Brass Knuckles]Skill: Brawl – Dmg: +1 – Range: Engaged – Crit: 4 – Special: Disorient 3

[Combat Knife]Skill: Melee – Dmg: +1 – Range: Engaged – _Crit: 3 – Special: N/A

Character Sheet XP




Angar abides by specific rules pertaining to his guild. He carries himself with blue-collar earnestness and believes in practiced skill, hard work, honest coin, and the mission of his chosen bounties.

Through equal parts nature, tragedy, and chosen career, Angar finds home in the open roads and spacelanes. Edged on by a need to see what’s just beyond the next mountain.


[Emotional Strength]

[Emotional Weakness]

To Be Determined


Equipment Log

[Credits] 220

[Encumbrance] 5/12

[Weapons & Armour]
*Brass Knuckles
*Combat Knife
*Heavy Clothing

[Personal Gear]
*Comlink (Handheld)
*Utility Belt

Talents And Special Abilities

[To Be Expanded]

Critical Injuries

[To Be Determined]


Force Power: Enhance
“Enhance Basic Power” : When making an Athletics check, the Force user may roll an [Enhance Power check] as part of the pool.

Force Power: Sense
“Sense Basic Power” : Can sense the Force interacting with the world around.


Character Theme

Theme Subject to Change


Initially one of millions of so-called ‘Imperial Bastards’; youths that fell into jaws of the New Order amidst the Old Republic’s tumultuous metamorphosis, parents left as exemplary fodder to instill their ultimate lesson: order and peace, regardless of individual cost. Angar was meant for a youth education camp, planned to eventually enroll in one of many nondescript Imperial Academies having their ground broke fresh in anticipation for the Empire’s military expansion.

Even he isn’t entirely sure how the Seydakin discovered him. The Dunaan, that august guild of reclusive bounty killers, hiding amidst the Emperor’s many shadows with an aim to endure and survive. As they always have. A half year spent smuggling from world to world eventually petered out on a remote backwater lump. Dromund Kaas, some world of old, lost note. There, he was presented to the masters of the School of the Dark Wolf: Ajax, Grandmaster, and Bardoq, Chief Instructor. Together with ‘brood mates’ Thaine and Emmett, all noted for their unsullied connections to the Force, they were subjected to the harsh rigors of martial upbringing.

At twenty, or whenever their masters marked them as proper matured and readied, Angar received his Journeyman Writ… and a last hard ship. The Trial of the Waters. A nearly killing hallucinogenic episode of bodily transformation, enduring the effects of ancient Dark Side concoctions and venom. Though all three survived to accept their medallion-compasses, Ajax admonished their luck: a ratio of one to ten trainees ever survived the ordeal to become Seydakin themselves.

Life and a career in the select guild still isn’t easy. Angar watches against Imperial agents and their seemingly omnipresent spy webs, tracking down backwater bounties in pursuit of rare, rare troubles. Often poor, mostly hungry, on guard against a galaxy all too ready to turn on him.

Vedyminaica: Seydakin artefacts are scattered, very rare, and in danger of disappearing altogether. Angar works to collect and preserve what he can to help keep their traditions from dying out totally. In a sense, the Dunaan and their murky lore are all he has for an identity.

Earn His Metal: Dunaan are distinguished from other Force traditions by their reliance on special steel swords. The means to craft them, as well as those with an ability to forge them, are virtually lost. Angar wants his own pair one day, making him a truly lethal threat against the prey he hunts: Sithspawn.

Dr. Stazi: Angar took a position on the Doctor’s research crew as extended muscle. A general labourer and unassuming muscle, a back up survivalist in case anything on their mission went haywire. However, Stazi’s respect for his skills and punctual pay, next to a giddy love of the unknown, have endeared the Duros to him.


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