Dr. Stazi


An older Duros professor who is more at home at a dig site than in a classroom, Stazi is of middling height and wiry frame. His cheek holds a scar, while he walks with a limp in his left leg, both souvenirs of old expeditions. His sense of style is practical with a surplus of pockets, dressing to the elements and having as much room as he can to take samples of anything he believes might glean into past civilizations. Often carries a sporting rifle around his back and a vibro-machete to combat fauna and foliage if need be.


Dr. Stazi is a tenured Xenoarcheology professor at the University of Agamar, with a focus in Outer Rim Cultures. He has been teaching, digging, and exploring the wilderness since before the Clone Wars. Respectful of the dangers of the uncivilized galaxy Stazi is no stranger to a fight, a hunt, or disease and is generally a hardy individual.

Presently he is on an expedition to chart the Gollamar system on the outskirts of the Outer Rim, and has commissioned several hired hands to help ensure the speed and security of his graduate staff and project. Finding ancient capital ships wrecked onto a local planet he excavated several artifacts, the most valuable of which is an ancient Jedi Holocron now activated by our heroes.

Dr. Stazi

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