Gand the Gatekeeper

The memory of a Jedi long past, instilled in crystal to bestow knowledge.


An insectoid Jedi “Gand” assumes a holographic form about a quarter meter in height. Dressed with simple robes over it’s carapace the insect holds a breath mask before it’s mandibles. Upon it’s belt a cylinder is clipped on via D-ring. His body may have been green, his robes brown, but the holographic form created by the holocron only displays shades of blue.



Opportunities to interact with the Gatekeeper have been sparse thus far, but it seems that the holocron is from quite a long time ago. The Gatekeeper identifies itself as “Gand” or “Jedi Gand”. It is curious about the galaxy and it’s political state, eager to learn and aid it’s openers not only in the Force, but also in dealing with the galaxy at large.

Gand the Gatekeeper

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