Beyond Charted Stars

001 - Entry #160 – 'Weik'

Don't agree with Jarvin still. But Brenna's eager. Loves our ship, our tech, every piece of 'outer space' she can touch. Force is with her. Moreso than us. Least she seems to have direction. Us, feels like we careen through happenstance. Probably won't be the last time we butt heads over something.

Least we found the Hutt. Thalla. Jedi Master, old, old creature. And wise as old creatures are. Stazi's already ecstatic. Figure he'll have a good hundred hours of conversation between them, enough to mull over and archive. Gonna have to dissuade him from any paper publishing. Even an underground circulation of 'Jedi Interviews' could feth up things, if Thalla's not the only survivor. Still, the Hutt's an invaluable reminder. More or less is curating a permutation of the Jedi Order from the inside of an ice cave. Paladins. Cendiary caste. Weik's like a turn back in time. …Beginning to like it here. Trollbane could make for decent work.

The Hutt explained the 'Eye of Belethor'. 'Eye's' a ship. And sunken, somewhere out in a frozen sea. In it, is the artefact we've been prowling for. Gonna be very cold swimming unless we can procure diving suits. Imagine if we modified the hard vacuum gowns we got in maintenance, could maybe use those to make the drop. Iffy. Still all looking iffy.

Still the matter of the bug. Gregor. Imperials and the like. Got that bad feeling. …At least Brenna can help with my blades. Armour too. Might work out, after all. Gotta see. Maybe this time, that Trandoshan shows again, we'll have a proper accounting.

001 – Entry #159 – Auretara

Quieter days. Save for the lawman. Intrusive. Dedicated, but intrusive. Could have risked arrest for pointing armed hardware at a vetted lawman. Fortune, it seems, is still gracing us.


Gregor still lingers. Saw his phantasm. Something wrong with that… pit. Empathic or at least psionically charged. Bardoq warned about mind-tricks but never saw the effects close at hand. Unsettling. And then a local eclipse. Not an unknown. Not quite rare. But coincidental?


Nerves are recovering. Sleep is thin, but improving. Managed a sort of medicinal concoction from spare agents in the medicine cabinet. Leg is noticeably better. Another wound taken that Gregor is owed.


Now, Weik. More mysteries. The further travelled, the deeper the mystery turns, and the more questions we receive than answers. Isn’t that the Jedi way? No raw materials, unfortunately. No access to forge items, no sign of that improving either. Straight steel sword will do. Be more than enough to put paid to these shadow agents.


Speaking of. Discovered a spy bug. When it was placed, can’t say, but may know the who: the student. Or the woman posing as one. Another enigma. Weik approaches and we’ve yet to received any concrete details from this labyrinthine adventure we’ve become drawn into.


Will attempt rest in the interregnum. Pray Jarvin doesn’t gut-punch in my sleep from panic.

-001 – Entry #158 – Devaron

Gregor still lives.



Gregor is gonna pay.


Thought that scaloids were incapable of reacting well to the Trial of the Waters. Either the Griffin School has mastered the alchemical process to a new degree, or Gregor is just wearing pilfered gear and pretending like he knows a thing. Troubling. I should have read him better. Got too excited. Been so long since encountering another on the Path, I let my guard down. Should have known better. Bardoq was right: I look for too much good in people.


Going back to basics. Trandoshan was tough, wrecked my leg up nicely. Got a few decoctions brewing with the last of my agents. Should help speed things along. Back to training. Won’t let him walk if next we meet. …Feeling angry. And cold. Can’t tell if it’s from the rage or that weird Force-walk vision we had. What was that Hutt? That cave? More Jedi secrets. Least I came away with the diagram. When we get to a decently populated system, will try rummaging for materials. Meteorite iron, silver, steel, good wroshyr wood. Get myself a silver sword. When I see Gregor again, I’m taking his blades. All his tools and gear. He’s forfeited all rights to the guild and the Path.


…Need to find one of the Unknown Bonfires. Spread word through the ash and silt. Trandoshan Griffin. Untrustworthy. Matter of fact, maybe give their whole School a wide berth.


Still other questions. If Gregor is no Dunaan, is he one of the others? Our guild’s done business with those dark ones time to time. Pay is exorbitant but risky. Prone to intrigue and guile. Walking down stranger roads. Wonder what Jarvin thinks. Wonder what the Professor and Brask figure. Riddles within riddles ever since we dredged up that Box. Well… Either way. Time to go to work.

Professor's Log Entry #473

We achieved what we needed to at Devaron, but it could have went better. Jarvin spoke of being frustrated, and that emotion lead him to the caves. I encouraged him and complimented his abilities, but I wonder know if that was the right thing to do. Several of these texts mention "The Dark Side" and it's corruptions. I'm not sure if I can trust them, as they written as more of a meditative than a doctoral thesis. It makes many assumptions about the Force, as if it is a known subject, rather than proving this or that. On the other hand they are the only real resources I have on the subject. I need more data. 

When we got to the tower we found a wealth of information, at least comparatively. More interesting however, was the way my navigator and security reacted. They both went into a sort of meditation, and apparently saw a vision. I should be skeptical, but both of them described it in great detail. Finishing off each other's descriptions. I'm still hesitant, but we followed their lead. 

The most exciting bit came after the Temple. Angar found a friend, a beefy Trandoshan with an almost ashen scale-tone. I'm told he later attacked Angar in private. We left them to talk, and were ambushed by Stormtroopers at the end of the line. Jarvin is proving very resourceful, and we managed to get through. Brask came through at the nick of time to help, and Angar escaped with a limp. Poor bastard. Since we've made the jump I've talked to him a few times. Tried to reassure him about Gregor. Thank him for fighting him off. Still seems peeved about it though. In the downtime Jarvin has fashioned one of those sabers. He's learning quickly, which is good. I want to find the Eye of Belethor and get this paper published, but I won't pretend that's my biggest problem. 

Now we're on some outer rim world that seems half forgotten. Auratera if memory serves. This library could use work, but Brask and I are making progress. No imperials yet, but I wonder how long they'll stay off our trail. I'm incredibly lucky to have these three honorable men with me. When things calm down a bit I think I'll have to but them some drinks. They've earned it.

Navigator's Log


<meta />

Lessons from the past week:


I'm not as good an astrogator as I thought. Six days from Devaron to the Vorzyd sector? I need to do a lot better if I'm ever going to be making routes instead of flying them.


Getting frustrated while using the Force can make things clearer. Work better. I'm convinced that’s why I could find the tunnel entrance.


Splitting up the group is a bad idea.


Every time I brace myself to ask questions first and stun second, I end up wishing I'd just started shooting to kill.


Grenades are excellent.


I need to double down on training with this lightsaber thing. Can't be any harder than swinging a stun baton, though I do end up buzzing myself a bit since the blade doesn't weigh anything.


Hutts can be Jedi?


I've had telepathic vision-like experiences back home – Constancia is full of telepaths and empaths – but this was different. The cold felt real. The cave did too.


Two ruined temples on opposite sides of a pit. One's Jedi, one's definitely not. Seems like a duality thing, but what's the opposite of Jedi?


I need to get better at reading people. That Trandoshan suckered us. From what Angar said after, sounds like the Trando was a Jedi-hunter working with the Empire. I’ve never been much good at my people's empathy, and I got nothing from him. Could be something about the way he thinks. Could just be that I don't know what I'm doing.


Killing stormtroopers and selling their E-11s is a great way to make cash. Use their grenades, take down more, get more guns. Heck, with a few grenades and a bit of backup I could probably take a swing at a patrol boat like the one we ran from back in the Unknowns. Maybe next time we should just let ourselves be boarded, then take a second ship. I'm sure Brask’s friends would pay well for that.

~001 - Entry #157 - Telos
Blood Walk With Me

Journal Track

Telos was the hand off. Ship and Custom's Agent are with the Rebs now. Made some change with the pilfered armour and guns, nothing to brag over. The real bargain was the ship trade off. Managed to convince Jarvin we'd be better off with the Corellian model. Yacht was fancy but that kind of prestige will get us rolled if we dock in the wrong system. No one gives a second glance at a run-of-the-line 1300, credit-chit-a-dozen with those. Seemed to take to it once we started making some lane jumps. Glad for it.

Stay was shot, more or less. Got directed to a Davros, Captain with local TSF outfit, by the book, by the numbers, family on a desk holo sort. Solid. Put us on the trail of a local would-be hood wanted for a shooting in the entertainment quarter. Some punk. For an extra thousand, we took it. We're not operating under anymore scholarly sanction. Six or five dead Imperials buried in our wake, can't remember. It's gonna catch up. It's gotta. I know this feeling.

The hood holed himself up behind a local crew. We opted for directness. Shot and cut our way through some sort of disused habitat. Brought down some hard cases. Took the hand off a meaty Barabel that nearly hooked my throat out, gunned more down, caught up with the Gotal. Hands were shaking bad. Nerves took me an age to tie his ass up. …For the work, don't know if 1000 was worth it. It's paying our way, suppose. Not what has me on edge.

We got a tail. Maybe. One of the students or looks close like it. Young female, human, Aya I think her name was? We sent her off with the others to get shuttled homeward. Missed her flight, evidently. Tracked with us through hood territory and managed to outwit myself, Jarvin, and Brask without difficulty. Got my hackles up. Maybe she's just a good hide-and-seek sort. Something's smelling off and it's not that garbage whiff Jarvin got all over himself in the street fighting. …We're on our way to Devaron. A Jedi temple. Stazi is ecstatic. Jarvin's curious. …Feeling apprehensive.

Here we go.

Brask's Personal Log: Coming Home
Angst, Backstory

Telos was more adventurous than I'd hoped. The swap went well, but after that Jarvin and Angar were keen on going after a bounty. Contrary to lots of stereotypes I'm more excited about hunting beasts than people, but Jarvin and Angar had a good point. We need credits. Plus this was a local bounty. Some gang-banger who blasted a kid on the north side of the station. If they'd have picked some imperial target I woulda left them. Chit, we'll probably be imperial bounties in another week. Though, today makes me think us getting out of the first stormtrooper tussle wasn't a fluke. Jarvin's a pretty good shot, and Angar? I wouldn't want to be on his bad side within 50 meters or so. 

Still, there are other concerns. The woman tailing us is concerning. I can't say I've always been on edge about Aya because I'm on edge about most humans because of COMPNOR, but something doesn't sit right with me. The whole situation is odd. The way she lost us so quickly. Perhaps she just thought we made her and stopped following us, but I'm pessimistic. I feel like she'll turn up when we least need her too. Probably at Eedit. Kriff, eedit. 

I keeps hitting me. I'm going back to Devaron. I haven't been there since Montellian Serat. I should be coming to drop off hard earned credits to the family, but now I'm giving them to a memorial. To an ever growing bounty. Kriff the Empire. Kriff the rebellion. Kriff me for getting them caught up in this. Kriff the kriffing Butcher, I will end him if I so much as smell his bloodstained body. 

The sound of a ping is heard.


"We'll be dropping out of Hyperspace soon Brask. Jarvin is booking it." Stazi's voice is heard in the background. 

Alright, I'll be out soon.Time to face the music. Personal log entry four-nine-five, signing off. 

Navigator's Personal Log #3

Who's this Jarvin fether and what's he done with the Eel? I never used to be the guy with the gun. I'm a getaway driver. But here I am planning bounty hunts and taking a guns-blazing approach to a gang stronghold. Shooting gangsters – shooting first. Took me a while to switch to stun, too, and I think I only did it because I couldn't remember whether the Gotal was wanted dead or alive.

The Force saved me hours of asking around. I just plain knew which way to go. Then I used that to hunt someone with not a lot of mercy. That doesn't sit right with me.

I'm worried about the tail we picked up and lost, or rather she lost us. The Force didn't line up for me. She reminds me of when I thought someone was rummaging around in the ship, back when we first took the customs officer onboard. If that grad student was a plant, that could explain all kinds of things. Makes me extra worried about what we'll find waiting for us on Devaron, and I wonder if Brask's associates are in for a surprise or two. Might be that the customs officer gets sprung before the Rebellion can do their thing. Can't feel apprehensive about that, though I probably should.

I'm keeping busy by figuring out what makes this ship tick. Still kind of wish we'd gone with the yacht – easier to fly, more maneuverable, tougher hull – but the Centennial Hawk is growing on me. A '1300 is a nice boat with plenty of room for mods, assuming we can manage to save up without spending it all on whatever Brask wants that day. He's dang good in a fight, but he's an expensive friend to have around.

Navigator's Personal Log #2

You would think I'd be more interested in what I learned from the little crystal box's hologram AI, but it's not the kind of thing that makes me reevaluate my identity. I mean, sure, it makes sense to me, once you kind of take the mysticality with a grain of salt. I'm from a planet of empaths and telepaths, and I guess I always thought knowing which way to go was part of that. None of this Force stuff is stunning to me, even if I'm dubious about the whole 'we are all connected' bit. No, what really sticks with me is Officer Rigor. 

There's an Imperial customs officer, quite a reasonable one, wounded and tied up in our cargo hold. 

What do I know about her so far? I tried my darndest to win her over back on the planet, and she was having none of that. All business. She's gutsy: she bolted through a gunfight to grab a bike, and that almost screwed us. We had a bit of a fight on speeders until she twitched wrong and ran into a tree; she just about killed me and I just about killed her. I never really got the feeling she was raging or terrified or full of hate, just fired up and doing her job. So when we caught her, I mean, I'm no medic, but I tried hard to make sure she didn't just bleed out.

I couldn't believe it when Angar dug his blaster muzzle into the slug wound. I don't think I'd ever seen actual torture before. I was paralyzed. Couldn't speak up, at least not right away. Well, I could have, but I just

That's going to stick with me.

Anyways, she started talking, more out of exasperation than anything. I kept screwing up bandaging her. Wound up giving her one of our only stimpacks to stabilize her. So once she got talking, she was actually really useful – told us how to use her credentials and what they'd get us; told us all about the kind of ship that chased us to hyperspace and beat the crap out of us; just all kinds of things. I chatted with her a bit more, just a little, after we jumped. Couldn't get a first name out of her.

We'll be dropping her off somewhere, Prof. Stazi says. Not sure how that's going to work. Telos might not be the safest place to release a captured Imperial officer into the wild. Oh wait, Grassk says the Rebellion will have a use for her. Not sure I like the sound of that.

Stazi's log: Dismissing the Students

"So then, the dig is concluded. When we get to Telos I will arrange for all of you to get transport back to the University. I will be joining you all as soon as I take care of some other business. Are there any questions?" Stazi informed the quartet of grad students in front of him. He could tell they only half believed him. They were academics after all. Taught to raise questions and seek answers rather than take them. 


"What about Grassk? Will he not be joining us?" He Gotal Jorg asked. 


"Grassk has told me he will arrange his own transportation after he has finished some business. If you wish for more information I suggest asking him yourself. It is not my place to speak for him." Stazi replied, being as truthful as he could. 


"Will Jarvin and Angar be joining us?" Kyla asked, and Stazi heard an 'eel' joke in the background. 


"Their contracts conclude when we arrive. What they do afterwards is their business, and again not my place to discuss." The Duros replied. He could feel them getting more and more curious. He didn't blame them, but the less they knew the better. They each looked around at each other for a moment, but none of them asked about the customs search. None of them had been to the hold and knew that Stazi was technically holding a prisoner. 


"What do you want us to take back?" One of them finally said. 


"I'm going to put what I need in a crate that I'll mark with my name. Everything else goes back for you all to study. Any other questions?" There was a pause. "Right then. Good night." Stazi dismissed them before doing a lap around the ship. His ship. For only another few days now. He sighed. He was gonna miss this boat. 


Heading to his quarters he considered pulling out his bottle of Whyren's Reserve, a gift from a professor at Coronet University. Rational thought entered his mind and he realized he'd need to sell it somewhere. His saving were good enough to keep paying his pilot and security, but only for so long. After that ran out who knew how long they'd stay, if at all. Grassk . . . he might stay for a while. For all the jokes the other students made that he was the beast of the department he wanted to learn and explore. 


Locking the door his quarters Stazi examined the Holocron. He knew what it was when he found it. He was a professor for long enough to know what the Jedi were. Kriff, he even met one once, before the clone wars. She was probably dead now, like all the other Jedi in the galaxy. Shame. Snoot aside she didn't deserve that. Jarvin might be a way for the Jedi to rebuild, but should he? Angar seemed to know of the Force already, and he is no Jedi. Far too practical. There was a hint of disdain in his voice at the holocron. A rival order perhaps? The Duros sighed. The university library would be invaluable right now. And he would probably never see it again. 


"May the Force be with you two." He caught himself saying. "We'll need it."


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