Beyond Charted Stars

~001 - Entry #153 - Date: 01/15/4858(?)

The Rumble

Five Imperial officers dead, one currently under heavy anaesthetic, heavily wounded, locked in a makeshift holding cell. All because I could not hide away a box. Mister Jarvin is recuperating following his own injuries. The Professor makes plans with Grask. We're entering Rebel territories in a few days. Time to wheel and deal, hope they don't slag us in turn. Sometimes hard to tell who's more treacherous, the Empire or her enemies. Imperials you can trust to honour whatever is to their advantage. Rebels are cagey. Enemies everywhere and when you live on that razors edge long enough, far enough, anyone can look like the IIA.


Still. Skills were not up to snuff. Found the Box, after I made sure it was stole away. Beginning to weigh now. If it hadn't, if I had not failed, would have avoided the standoff and gotten out of vessel range. As it stands, nearly a dozen Imperials are dead and we are holding hostage. This is slippery. This is not the Trail. Screwed up. The Imperials will go wondering after their missing men, when they do, all likelihood points to bounty postings. Bardoq and Ajax would not be impressed. And this Jedi business.


Mentioning of an 'Eye of Belethor' or 'Berethor'. Gand, the holocron gatekepper, proffers its existence as a storage of knowledge. Kind of hoard. …Maybe the Eye might have leads on the Manticore or Griffin schools, maybe the D'oemir too. No telling. It's a loose lead but better than nothing. Still… If it's Jedi forged and Jedi moderated, doubt its isn't painted with their brand of bias. Will have to sift through bunkum until something rings true. If and when we discover the 'Eye'.


Suspect Mister Jarvin is more than just uncanny. Prospects aim at Sensitivity. Accounts for his piloting and shooting abilities. Some things are more than just luck and his ignorance on it all was refreshing. Took things for granted. He has conscience. Moreso than I did, facing the Customs Officer. Rigor her name? Got angry. Tired, hurting. She's a cog. No sin to that. Was tempted, however, suggest we space her and let go of a possible liability. Not very charitable. Hardly knew what to ask her, thank goodness Grask and Jarvin were on hand. More than anything, I want to put as much space between ourselves and the system as possible. Got Imperials behind us. Rebels in front of us. …Shadows in the peripheral.


Nothing to do about it now. Gonna patch up more. Do some practical reading. How did they make out my drop? Not good. Not good enough. Better next time. So Jarvin doesn't get shot up and Stazi isn't held at blaster point.



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