Beyond Charted Stars

Stazi's log: Dismissing the Students

"So then, the dig is concluded. When we get to Telos I will arrange for all of you to get transport back to the University. I will be joining you all as soon as I take care of some other business. Are there any questions?" Stazi informed the quartet of grad students in front of him. He could tell they only half believed him. They were academics after all. Taught to raise questions and seek answers rather than take them. 


"What about Grassk? Will he not be joining us?" He Gotal Jorg asked. 


"Grassk has told me he will arrange his own transportation after he has finished some business. If you wish for more information I suggest asking him yourself. It is not my place to speak for him." Stazi replied, being as truthful as he could. 


"Will Jarvin and Angar be joining us?" Kyla asked, and Stazi heard an 'eel' joke in the background. 


"Their contracts conclude when we arrive. What they do afterwards is their business, and again not my place to discuss." The Duros replied. He could feel them getting more and more curious. He didn't blame them, but the less they knew the better. They each looked around at each other for a moment, but none of them asked about the customs search. None of them had been to the hold and knew that Stazi was technically holding a prisoner. 


"What do you want us to take back?" One of them finally said. 


"I'm going to put what I need in a crate that I'll mark with my name. Everything else goes back for you all to study. Any other questions?" There was a pause. "Right then. Good night." Stazi dismissed them before doing a lap around the ship. His ship. For only another few days now. He sighed. He was gonna miss this boat. 


Heading to his quarters he considered pulling out his bottle of Whyren's Reserve, a gift from a professor at Coronet University. Rational thought entered his mind and he realized he'd need to sell it somewhere. His saving were good enough to keep paying his pilot and security, but only for so long. After that ran out who knew how long they'd stay, if at all. Grassk . . . he might stay for a while. For all the jokes the other students made that he was the beast of the department he wanted to learn and explore. 


Locking the door his quarters Stazi examined the Holocron. He knew what it was when he found it. He was a professor for long enough to know what the Jedi were. Kriff, he even met one once, before the clone wars. She was probably dead now, like all the other Jedi in the galaxy. Shame. Snoot aside she didn't deserve that. Jarvin might be a way for the Jedi to rebuild, but should he? Angar seemed to know of the Force already, and he is no Jedi. Far too practical. There was a hint of disdain in his voice at the holocron. A rival order perhaps? The Duros sighed. The university library would be invaluable right now. And he would probably never see it again. 


"May the Force be with you two." He caught himself saying. "We'll need it."



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