Beyond Charted Stars

001 - Entry #160 – 'Weik'

Don't agree with Jarvin still. But Brenna's eager. Loves our ship, our tech, every piece of 'outer space' she can touch. Force is with her. Moreso than us. Least she seems to have direction. Us, feels like we careen through happenstance. Probably won't be the last time we butt heads over something.

Least we found the Hutt. Thalla. Jedi Master, old, old creature. And wise as old creatures are. Stazi's already ecstatic. Figure he'll have a good hundred hours of conversation between them, enough to mull over and archive. Gonna have to dissuade him from any paper publishing. Even an underground circulation of 'Jedi Interviews' could feth up things, if Thalla's not the only survivor. Still, the Hutt's an invaluable reminder. More or less is curating a permutation of the Jedi Order from the inside of an ice cave. Paladins. Cendiary caste. Weik's like a turn back in time. …Beginning to like it here. Trollbane could make for decent work.

The Hutt explained the 'Eye of Belethor'. 'Eye's' a ship. And sunken, somewhere out in a frozen sea. In it, is the artefact we've been prowling for. Gonna be very cold swimming unless we can procure diving suits. Imagine if we modified the hard vacuum gowns we got in maintenance, could maybe use those to make the drop. Iffy. Still all looking iffy.

Still the matter of the bug. Gregor. Imperials and the like. Got that bad feeling. …At least Brenna can help with my blades. Armour too. Might work out, after all. Gotta see. Maybe this time, that Trandoshan shows again, we'll have a proper accounting.



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