Beyond Charted Stars

Navigator's Log


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Lessons from the past week:


I'm not as good an astrogator as I thought. Six days from Devaron to the Vorzyd sector? I need to do a lot better if I'm ever going to be making routes instead of flying them.


Getting frustrated while using the Force can make things clearer. Work better. I'm convinced that’s why I could find the tunnel entrance.


Splitting up the group is a bad idea.


Every time I brace myself to ask questions first and stun second, I end up wishing I'd just started shooting to kill.


Grenades are excellent.


I need to double down on training with this lightsaber thing. Can't be any harder than swinging a stun baton, though I do end up buzzing myself a bit since the blade doesn't weigh anything.


Hutts can be Jedi?


I've had telepathic vision-like experiences back home – Constancia is full of telepaths and empaths – but this was different. The cold felt real. The cave did too.


Two ruined temples on opposite sides of a pit. One's Jedi, one's definitely not. Seems like a duality thing, but what's the opposite of Jedi?


I need to get better at reading people. That Trandoshan suckered us. From what Angar said after, sounds like the Trando was a Jedi-hunter working with the Empire. I’ve never been much good at my people's empathy, and I got nothing from him. Could be something about the way he thinks. Could just be that I don't know what I'm doing.


Killing stormtroopers and selling their E-11s is a great way to make cash. Use their grenades, take down more, get more guns. Heck, with a few grenades and a bit of backup I could probably take a swing at a patrol boat like the one we ran from back in the Unknowns. Maybe next time we should just let ourselves be boarded, then take a second ship. I'm sure Brask’s friends would pay well for that.



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