Beyond Charted Stars

Professor's Log Entry #473

We achieved what we needed to at Devaron, but it could have went better. Jarvin spoke of being frustrated, and that emotion lead him to the caves. I encouraged him and complimented his abilities, but I wonder know if that was the right thing to do. Several of these texts mention "The Dark Side" and it's corruptions. I'm not sure if I can trust them, as they written as more of a meditative than a doctoral thesis. It makes many assumptions about the Force, as if it is a known subject, rather than proving this or that. On the other hand they are the only real resources I have on the subject. I need more data. 

When we got to the tower we found a wealth of information, at least comparatively. More interesting however, was the way my navigator and security reacted. They both went into a sort of meditation, and apparently saw a vision. I should be skeptical, but both of them described it in great detail. Finishing off each other's descriptions. I'm still hesitant, but we followed their lead. 

The most exciting bit came after the Temple. Angar found a friend, a beefy Trandoshan with an almost ashen scale-tone. I'm told he later attacked Angar in private. We left them to talk, and were ambushed by Stormtroopers at the end of the line. Jarvin is proving very resourceful, and we managed to get through. Brask came through at the nick of time to help, and Angar escaped with a limp. Poor bastard. Since we've made the jump I've talked to him a few times. Tried to reassure him about Gregor. Thank him for fighting him off. Still seems peeved about it though. In the downtime Jarvin has fashioned one of those sabers. He's learning quickly, which is good. I want to find the Eye of Belethor and get this paper published, but I won't pretend that's my biggest problem. 

Now we're on some outer rim world that seems half forgotten. Auratera if memory serves. This library could use work, but Brask and I are making progress. No imperials yet, but I wonder how long they'll stay off our trail. I'm incredibly lucky to have these three honorable men with me. When things calm down a bit I think I'll have to but them some drinks. They've earned it.



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